Team Shamrock/Shamrock Select Rules and Regulations

Guidelines/Rules for Shamrock Parents

  • All wrestlers must be registered, have a liability waiver on file, and up to date on payments. 
  • Parents are encouraged to watch practice but are asked to let the coaches coach.  You pay us! 
  • No Video Taping or recording is allowed!  We value our children and their privacy.
  • Cell phone conversations must take place in hallways. 
  • Talk positively about other wrestlers and teammates!  
  • Respect Others: We are a family, treat each other as you wish to be treated. 
  • If you use a chair for practice, please put it back.  Help keep our room clean. 
  • Represent the Shamrock community well at tournaments and in public! 
  • Encourage your athletes verbally and non-verbally
  • Praise their performance, not their outcome.
  • Be Postive, loving, and supportive. 
  • Don't allow tournament day to become special.  Just another opportunity to compete
  • Do not text coaches! Use email:
  • Respect coaches family time.  After practice, allow coaches to get home and put their kids to bed :). 

Guidelines/Rules for Athletes

  • Be on Time!  Shoes laced up, headgear on, shirts tucked in and ready to wrestle at 6 pm! 
  • Hustle to and from technique huddles.  Hustle=Run! 
  • Never Be Outworked
  • Positive Attitude.  Be Coachable.  Learn. 
  • Cutting Weight Doesn't make you a better wrestler! Stop cutting weight. 
  • Never Quit! 
  • Keep things in perspective: God, Family, School, Wrestling...
  • Make it Fun!  Competition isn't everything
  • Develop Skills, character, routine.
  • Be grateful for the opportunity to compete.  Wrestle with a purpose and have fun!