Tournament Food Chart

Parents, as you well know nutrition is a key aspect in the sport of wrestling and it is imperative that our wrestlers are able to refuel after matches and throughout a tournament day.  We as a coaching staff are asking for your help in establishing and maintaining the "Food Tables" at CC Wrestling Tournaments. 
As you take a look at the food chart linked above please be aware that we have three different squads, Varsity Blue, Varsity White, and J.V.   The numbers listed with the tournament dates represent the weight classes in wrestling.  Ask your son what weight class he will be wrestling at for that event and please  provide the food or drink indicated on the chart. 
We are also looking for people to donate cases of water or Gatorade to the team for these events in case of shortage.  
If you have any questions please contact:
Varsity Blue: 
Varsity White:
Click the link below to view the Tournament Food Chart. (NO FOOD TABLES DUE TO COVID).